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Rising Sun guides its clients through the lighting design process, addressing aesthetic issues, lighting quality and quantity, visual comfort, system controls, maintenance, energy use and procurement costs. Balancing each client's priorities, we provide the ultimate solution for their specific needs.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting
Most people work in environments that are not conducive to maximizing performance and productivity. Though challenging to document, an increasing number of scientific studies are confirming the relationship between improved lighting and increased productivity. Corporate America is beginning to see that improving the work environment can improve the bottom line.

Lighting quality has a tremendous impact on worker productivity. Obvious concerns such as light levels and glare impact people's ability to complete work accurately, expeditiously, and comfortably. Of equal or greater importance is the impact the lighting environment has upon employee health and morale.

 Rising Sun is keenly aware of the impact that a stimulating yet comfortable visual environment can have upon employee well-being and productivity. Our designs reinforce corporate image, embellish architecture and nurture healthy work environments while being sensitive to first costs and life cycle costs.

We provide a comprehensive array of services which include lighting design, product specification, operation and maintenance life-cycle cost analysis, energy and environmental impact assessment, product procurement, installation oversight and commissioning.

"Thanks for all your help in designing the lighting retrofits for our CADD center, manufacturing facilities, and administrative offices and supplying the specialized materials needed. We are not only saving lots of energy, but everyone is delighted with the improved lighting quality. In addition, the week-long training program you provided for our facility managers exceeded our expectations. You've successfully created zealots of us all. In this day of competitive pressures, the successful company cuts its operating costs wherever it can. Our people are now equipped to contribute greatly to that effort."

Frank Canastar, Manager Loss Prevention, Fisher Controls

Retail Lighting
Lighting design for retail environments requires sensitivity to creating the desired image and ambiance, while simultaneously focusing customer's attention on the merchandise. Creating powerful visual environments draws people into a store and effectively displays merchandise to create maximum appeal.

Understanding the "psychology" of lighting is paramount when designing lighting for retail applications. The selection of the light source, luminaire, and controls each profoundly affect the outcome as well as impact first cost and life cycle cost. We manipulate lighting's intensity, distribution, color appearance and color rendering in establishing the lighting effect; specify fixtures that reinforce decor; and choose controls that simplify operation.

After determining a client's priorities and financial concerns for a project, we evaluate all of the variables through an integrated design process and create lighting systems that are effective, easy to operate, and as economical as practical.

Rising Sun designs, value engineers, supplies, and commissions the lighting for its retail clients. We serve a wide variety of local, regional, and national retail establishments.

"The aesthetic quality of our stores is extremely important... While other lighting service companies and suppliers regularly solicit our business, your firm's professionalism, knowledge, and follow through excel. It is reassuring to know that when we need assistance, we can count on getting the most up-to-date advice, state-of-the-art product and responsive service from Rising Sun."

Facilities Management , Esprit de Corp

Residential Lighting
Bright, cozy, romantic, exciting ... what visual images do these words bring to mind? Can the lighting in your home provide these feelings? A well conceived and implemented lighting design gives one complete control over their visual environment. The ability to adjust lighting levels allows one to create the ambiance desired, whether it be for a festive, brightly lit occasion or an intimate, candlelight dinner.

While the architectural features, interior design elements and furnishings of a home cannot change their appearances, the ability to manipulate lighting is its most powerful aspect. It is possible to control the color, intensity, distribution, fade rate, and many other lighting system characteristics to create interiors that are comfortable and exciting. Our designers work with these elements, as well as practical concerns such as lamp life, ease of lamp replacement, and energy use to insure that your lighting system is effective, comfortable, flexible, efficient, and easy to maintain.

By using our "Lighting Application Center", we can demonstrate how these lighting elements translate into your home.

"When we moved into our new home, we quickly found many problems with the original lighting design. Fortunately, we found our way to Rising Sun. Their facility allowed us to see, first hand, solutions for our lighting problems. They helped us make changes to the existing lighting with a minimum of disruption and we are delighted with the results. If we ever build again, we will bring in Rising Sun at the beginning."

Jay and Linda Sandrich

Exterior / Landscape Lighting
The aesthetic and perceived value of any property can be dramatically enhanced with the creative application of exterior lighting. Architectural lighting, area lighting, landscape lighting, and security lighting are accomplished through a blend of various products and techniques, providing extended hours of outdoor enjoyment and safe passage.

With good landscape lighting, Rising Sun's staff can highlight the natural and man-made features encompassing exterior landscapes. Subtlety is the key to good landscape lighting. Fixture placements are designed to blend unobtrusively into their surroundings and produce lighting effects that carefully harmonize light and dark with nature and architecture.

"We were fortunate to have Rising Sun Enterprises on our design team for the Nicklaus designed Aspen Glen project. Their experience and knowledge helped us implement the first class ambiance that we wanted to achieve with the landscape lighting at our entrance. They handled every detail from design to installation supervision and gave us a lighting system that is as easy to maintain as it is impressive."

Gary Lattie, Project Development Director, Club Corp

Lighting Controls
Lighting in most homes and businesses is controlled only by on-off switches, giving the occupant two choices: full light intensity or no light. Many installations also incorporate unsightly clusters of switches and dimmers, resulting in eyesores and confusion as to which switch controls what lights. Where products are used from a variety of manufacturers, mismatched colors and styles further add to the visual clutter.

Well conceived control systems feature attractive, consolidated switch stations which provide total control at strategic and convenient locations. Good lighting control systems allow you to control the lighting to accommodate your needs rather than forcing you to adapt to a system with little or no control. Imagine walking into your home on a pitch black night, touching a single switch, and moving about as a programmed sequence of lights slowly brings your home to life.

Rising Sun personnel work with an extraordinary variety of lighting control systems, from simple, manually controlled wall-box dimmers to sophisticated whole-building lighting control systems. Manufacturers offer a vast array of stand-alone and integrated devices and systems that incorporate dimming, occupancy, photocell, and/or timer features. The incredible range of innovative products available allow us to guide our clients to those systems that will most economically accommodate their specific needs for control, convenience, and automation.

"My wife and I were introduced to Rising Sun by our builder. We were building a home in Aspen and wanted a quality lighting system. Rising Sun not only developed an excellent system, but, aesthetically, the lighting is the finest I've seen. Rising Sun also recommended a computer-based whole house dimming system which we installed, and it has made living in this house a dream. It is the ultimate in convenience. I would highly recommend the company for anyone's lighting needs."

Dennis Thompson, Founder, Lone Star Steakhouses

Energy Efficient Upgrades
"Energy-efficient lighting" delivers the most appropriate quantity and quality of light needed to perform a specific task, for a given use, where and when required, at the lowest economic cost, both initially and over its lifetime. However, this requires skilled design as well as careful product specification.

Well designed, state-of-the-art lighting systems commonly boast operating efficiencies 25% to 75% greater than standard practice, while cutting maintenance requirements by up to half. As economically desirable and low maintenance as these systems are, most businesses and homes still use conventional lighting. This improved technology is more expensive than standard lighting equipment; however, if it is installed during building construction or renovation, the reduced operating costs typically pay back their marginal cost in short order. the greater the operating hours and higher the utility rate, the faster the pay back.

Similarly, in existing lighting installations, retrofitting fixtures (upgrading lamps, ballasts, reflectors, lenses, and/or controls) commonly pay back their cost relatively quickly through avoided energy and maintenance costs.

Many energy-efficient lighting projects are being implemented nationwide by relative newcomers to this lighting discipline. As a result unfortunately, many of these projects are being completed with little regard to or understanding of their impact on lighting quality, compromising aesthetics and visual performance. Given that lighting quality can dramatically affect employee productivity and morale, any lighting project which compromises these may cost a company far more than it ever saves.

Having served as consultants to numerous lighting manufacturers, utility companies, energy service companies, environmental advocacy groups, and Fortune 500 companies, Rising Sun has helped pioneer many of the techniques and technologies being used today to enhance lighting system efficiency and lighting quality. We routinely complete energy-efficient lighting projects that minimize operational and maintenance costs while simultaneously providing lighting quality that meets or exceeds recognized industry standards.

"Rising Sun's help in retrofitting 8,000 fluorescent fixtures at Atlanta's CNN Center world headquarters has reduced our lighting energy use by 60% and avoided the need to burn 4 million pounds of coal at power plants every year! This has eliminated the emission of 9 million pounds of carbon dioxide - the major cause of global warming - and 66,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide - one of the major causes of acid rain.

Not only have we dramatically reduced our energy consumption and saved $250,000 each year in the process, but we have also dramatically improved our work environment by eliminating the 3 major complaints people used to make about working under fluorescent lights" poor color, flickering lights, and buzzing fixtures."

Barbara Y.E. Pyle, Vice President
Environmental Policy, Turner Broadcasting Systems

"I would like to commend you for Rising Sun's assistance in helping UNCA to design and procure energy efficient lighting systems over the past several years. Rising Sun is the only company we have dealt with that has had the expertise to meet all of the challenges we have come up against. Without fail, you have provided innovative, cost-effective solutions to our problems."

Paul Braese, Building Systems Engineer,
The University of North Carolina at Asheville

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